Hope Station is a faith-based nonprofit organization
                                              dedicated to providing support to working individuals in need
                                           by providing grocery products, clothing, and educational classes.


            OUR GOAL:

The goal of Hope Station is to create an
opportunity for families to have their basic needs
supplied and/or offset during a setback from 
unexpected situations such as: 

  • A job lay-off      
  • Medical expenses 
  • An unforseen emergency



            WHO WE SERVE:

Hope Station helps individuals who are hard working, productive members of our community, yet struggling financially to pay their bills.  They are trying to make ends meet while working lower paying jobs or are trying to recover from a financial set back do to a crisis.  They are not using government programs that are funded by your tax dollars. 

How does one become eligible to receive services?

1. By filling out an application

Prospective clients will be screened to determine their eligibility. Please note that services will not be available to walk-ins or persons receiving government assistance.

2. By paying a monthly participation fee

The $30 fee is minimal, yet necessary, for providing a sense of ownership - while helping to pay for a portion of the organization’s expenses.

3. By volunteering

All clients in the program volunteer two hours per month to the program.  The activities are easy and enjoyable and can be performed by anyone regardless of their physical and skill level.    

Volunteer hours help keep expenses down and the program running efficiently, while creating a sense of responsibility on the part of the families we serve. 

It is our belief that paying a small fee and volunteering just two hours a month retains one's dignity.  It is a "hand-up" rather than a "hand-out."

The volunteering aspect of our program is so enjoyable that many families continue to come back to help long after they are off the program.  It feels good to give back to an organization that has helped one in their own time of need. 


                          Hope Station Community Services, Inc.
                          1337 Madison St. NE, Suite 115
                          Salem, OR   97301

                          Phone:  503-339-7710




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